Happy New Year
Hoping for as interesting 2016 as 2015. Last year saw us handling an important collection of Bahia Art put together in the mid 1960's as well as taking part in the Salvador art scene including meeting artists and attending auctions.
Antonello L´Abbate.
We are very proud to announce that W&S Art Consultants are now representing Antonello L´Abbate, who is regarded as being the premier print maker currently working in Salvador.

We were fortunate to meet with Antonello when we visited Salvador in 2013, and he agreed to make available to our clients a selection of his favorite engravings from his studio archives, which are now available to view on this site.

At Alvaro Machado's home and studio - Salvador, Bahia
See our Facebook page for pictures of our visit to Alvaro Machado's home and studio in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.
Sergio Rabinovitz.
STOP PRESS. Monday 26 November is the last day to view in Chicago the wonderful paintings by Sergio Rabinovitz, which were exhibited in Champaign as they are to return for a further exhibition in Brazil. Please contact us if you want a private view.
Carmen Penido
We are proud to announce that we are now representing the renowned Brazilian artist, Carmen Penido, and that today we have added to the website 12 paintings by her for sale. Carmen's pictures in their elaborate design and rich tapestry wonderfully reflect Brazil’s baroque past as evoked by the blue tiles to be found in many notable buildings.

28th October 2012
New paintings by Fatima Tosca
We are proud to announce that we have today added to the site seven works available for purchase especially created for W&S Art Consultants by the highly esteemed Salvadorian artist, Fatima Tosca. These paintings reflect her current theme of the circus and magic. In our view the paintings comprise a memorable collection in their portrayal of vulnerability and solitude by a truly great colourist painter. Enjoy.

18th October 2012.
So why buy Art from Brazil and, in particular, Bahia?

Well, let's look a Brazil. It's a big country, so big that Brazilian culture has never been dominated by a single city or region. What can be regarded as "Brazilian" is a wonderful amalgamation or fusion of different parts. In this respect, Bahia is its own special place, unique unto itself. What comes to mind when thinking about Bahia, for a start, I would say the people, the folklore, the sea, the beaches, the countryside, the beliefs, the churches, the cuisine, which is what the artists we represent often try to capture. In this they are following a path, which was started about seventy years ago. It used to be that the art of Brazil was for the adornment of the privileged classes and expressed only the culture of an educated elite. However, the writings of Jorge Amado and Gilberto Freyre in the 1930's and 1940's lead to an explosion of interest being taken in the society of the Northeast of Brazil as a whole. This was precisely what artists wished to capture in their works. This artistic revolution was lead by Carybé, Rubem Valentim, Genaro de Carvalho, Floriano Teixeira, Jenner Augusto, Carlos Bastos, amongst others. It is this movement that the current day artists of Bahia are building on. See their works, understand the meaning, and enjoy.

Simon Wilkes
W&S Art Consultants
Art Reception for Sérgio Rabinovitz
Modern Contemporary Brazilian Art

Proudly presented:

Sérgio Rabinovitz

In the region of 100 joined us for an evening with the artist and his works, complemented by live Brazilian music, tasty Brazilian treats, and the opportunity to learn more about Brazil and its vibrant contemporary art scene.

Venue: The Michigan Suite at 100 East Huron, Chicago, 60611
Date: Saturday, September 15th
Time: 6pm-9pm

Photos of the reception can be found on our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/WSArtConsultants
Good Wishes
Art is in the air! It is with great pleasure that I welcome W&S Art Consultants’ website, going live this coming September 1st.
Brazilian artists, especially those from Bahia, will now have a professional and competent web-based platform to promote and do business with their art work.

Simon and Nola, who I have the privilege to call family, are two art lovers and very professional in everything they do.

In my case, I started to study and collect Brazilian art in 1981, when I was lucky to be given four paintings as wedding presents by dear friends. Carybé, Floriano Teixeira, Fernando Coelho and Hamilton Ferreira were the first artists I came in contact with. I had no idea this would be the beginning of a collection, which now is resplendent in more than 80 pieces, including paintings and sculptures.

When my wife and I decided to invest in art, our first step was to start studying about Brazilian modern art. Unfortunately, at that time, we didn't have professional help such as W&S Art Consultants, and the Internet didn’t even exist. We started to visit galleries in Salvador, Bahia, and to attend auctions in an attempt to follow the market and learn about the artists, their works and market value. This is precisely what W&S Art Consultants can do for collectors and investors.

I'm pleased to see important artists represented by W&S Art Consultants, whose work I admire and have in my collection. There is no other investment that gives me the pleasure that art does.
I'm very happy with the choices I’ve made, both as an investor, who has seen a tremendous appreciation in price over the years, and as a collector, who has the privilege to have a sample of the rich Brazilian culture and amazingly beautiful art displayed on the walls of my house.

Congratulation to both W&S and art lovers, collectors, and investors for this new art cyber space!

Good luck and much success!

Roberto Senna
Aug 28th, 2012