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Menelaw Sete
Jorge Ramos do Nascimento ( 1964-) is universally known under the name he adopted as an artist, Menelaw Sete. He lives and works in Salvador being the city of his birth. After completing his military service in the Navy, he returned to Salvador where his work was discovered by Sergio Fontes, who arranges for his works to be exhibited at Panorama Galeria de Artes. In 1994 Menelaw opened his well known studio in the heart of the historic Pelourinho district of Salvador. Although known as "The Picasso of Brazil", this is more a reflection of his personality than just his art, for he creates his own genuinely Brazilian artworks. In particular, whereas Picasso had to discover African art, Menelaw was from birth surrounded by the world of Afro-Brazilian culture with all its rich colours, love of life and figurative elements. In this way he has been able to build on and add to Brazilian Expressionism and figurative painting as given life by the works of Segal, Tarsila and above all Cavalcanti. His works have been exhibited in both Europe and USA. There is a permanent public collection of his works in Sicily and his art can be found in private collections as distant from Salvador as Paris and Chicago.