Vista da Ribeira e Barcos.    ( A view of Ribeira Salvador with boats)       
Saveiros e Forte São Marcelo             
Saveiro e Forte São Marcelo                 
Forte São Marcelo  
Forte São Marcelo Salvador
Saveiro com vela vazada              
       Forte São Marcelo e Barco    (Forte São Marcelo, Salvador and boat)             
Ferramentas de Gravador e Saveiro   ( Engraving tools and Saveiro)     
Ferramentas de Gravador e Detalhes de Salvador ( Engraving tools and views of Salvador)
Conceição da Praia e Elevador Lacerda.  (Church of Conceição da Praia and Lacerda Elevator) 
       Ladeira da Montanha, Salvador.    
Rosto de índio e Salvador   (The  Indian and Salvador)               
Homenagem a Calasans Neto e Trilussa               
Yemanjá at Rio Vermelho                
Rio de Janeiro                                       
Two views of Rio de Janeiro                             

View of the City of Salvador                                    

Forte São Marcelo noturno   ( Fort São Marcelo at night)                
Ladeira da Montanha e Forte S. Marcelo Salvador.                      
Forte São Marcelo e Barcos                   
Ladeira da Montanha e Elevador Lacerda, Salvador. 
Forte São Marcelo Ponta do Humaitá e Barcos                                                                                            
      Forte São Marcelo at Night                          
Conceição da Praia                                                 
    Forte São  Marcelo e mais detalhes da Cidade                   Ladeira da Montanha      
Conceção da Praia         
Telhados Igreja Conceição da Praia ( Roof of Church of Conceção da Praia Salvador )             

Church of Conceição da Praia and Elevator Salvador         
Rome and SalvadorIgreja Conceição da Praia, forte e barcos    (Church of Conceicao da Praia Salvador, Forts and Boats.)
Antonello L´Abbate
Born in Rome in 1943, his family moved to Brazil in 1953.

In 1969, he traveled to Milan to attend the "Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera" directed by Domenico Cantatore. In 1971 he studied in New York where he joined the "Art Students League" studying various painting techniques and in particular the art of engraving, under the guidance of Robert Brackman and Roberto Delamonica.

Following his return to Brazil in 1972, he participated in a number of group and solo exhibitions including at MAM Rio, MASP, and Palace of Arts SP. He also taught printmaking courses in Brazil and abroad.

He finally settled in Salvador in 1994, where in addition to his work as professional artist he has taught printmaking at the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia.

He is regarded as being the premier printmaker currently working in Salvador, being a worthy heir to amongst others Hansen Bahia. In 1996 Jorge Amado stated that "Antonello L'Abbate was an engraver of the first order, being largely responsible the resurgence of printmaking Bahia."

His attention to detail includes using multiple techniques on many of his works including acid etching,aquatint,dry point and soft varnish (vernis mou). He only uses the finest of fine art papers for printing, either Fabriano paper from Italy or Hahnemuhle paper from Germany.

We were very fortunate to meet with Antonello when we visited Salvador in 2013, and he agreed to make available to our clients a selection of his favorite engravings from his studio archives.